10 year old kid dating sites My 10 year old chatting on online dating site

10 year old kid dating sites

The child talking to two boys. Long ago my husband and I decided against video games, ipads, kindles, etc. He'll hang out with me alot then mind his soccer buisness with his friends.

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This kid is so confusing. She's not really the type of person to really open up and talk about feelings and thoughts unless she is in the mood which is very rare. Take some 'Time Out 4 You! My niece got her first cell phone in fifth grade and immediately started texting boys and even sent them pictures nothing obscene, just pics of her making silly faces or of whatever, but I can only imagine how that will progress So many true stories about kids getting taken by strangers and killed,raped, and sold.

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When I said I took her phone I meant the telephone we just allowed her to have in her room, not a cell phone. They're a serious player.: Some of those people on those sites are adults looking for Children.

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Get her into something else. I'm glad my children are grown You are using an outdated browser.

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Click here to add a comment. Wait for me to get up. It's common for children to say their friends have accounts on certain sites but it's not always true.

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I want it though. My grandchildren aren't allowed on any electronics.

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Comments page 1 of 1. Sorry but you're playing with stranger danger.