3 way light switch hook up How to Replace a Three-Way Light Switch

3 way light switch hook up

Once you're done, you'll be able to control a light from two switches.


The lower left screw is the common and gets the black wire from the source 3-cond. Unscrew the switch from the electrical box and pull it out with the wires still attached. Reader's Digest Taste of Home Recipes.

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Be sure to attach a bare copper wire to the green screw on the switch. Alternate 3- Way Switch Wiring.

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First of all we need to go over a little basic terminology on switches. See Actual Switch Box Wiring.

Wiring a three-way light switch

It ties into the common on the left switch. Traveler wires are interchangeable on each switch. The common terminal of the second 3- way switch connects to the light fixture s.

Sign Up for our newsletters! With conventional wiring, volts enters the first 3- way switch box.

The name refers to the fact that these switches have three terminal screws. The white wires tie together with a wire nut. Then a 4-wire cable going between the two 3-way switches and then a 3-wire cable going from the switches to the load.

If you have the setup shown in Fig. Alternatively, you may choose to transfer one wire at a 3 way light switch hook up from the old switch to the new switch.

Wiring a 3-Way Switch

Connect the wires to the new three-way switches with ground screws using one of the two wiring diagrams Fig. Electrical outlet boxes can have numerous NM cables going in and out. Black common wire is usually wrapped around the two traveler wires on a 3- way switch.

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If the existing switch has a green ground wire, attach the wire to the green screw terminal on the new switch or to the electrical box. The lower left screw is the common and gets the black wire from the load 3-cond. The bare copper wires tie together with a wire nut. Wiring of 3-way light switches is certainly more complicated than that of the more common single-pole switch, but you can figure it out if you follow our either of our 3-way switch wiring diagram. Go to my Switch Terminology Page where I discuss the terms used for the different types of home electrical switches.

Required Tools for this 3 Way Switch Project

This 3 way switch wiring diagram shows how to do the light switch wiring and the light when the power is coming to the light fixture.

The hot wire from light always goes to the common terminal of the second switch. Avoid last-minute shopping trips by having all your materials ready ahead of time. The source power black wire is coming in from the left. This story features diagrams that show how to wire three-way switches.