At&t dating commercial actress What you didn't know about that AT&T commercial girl

At&t dating commercial actress

How Milana Vayntrub Became Advertising’s New ‘It’ Girl

Mark Cadman Managing Director: As Vayntrub continues to takes on more roles in a variety of media—movies, TV, web series, and more—advertising continues to be very good to her: She's a political refugee.

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Based on her TV ads, we got to know her so well; she's nerdy and awkward, a hopeless romantic, and she likes bedazzling. I'm a professional disgusting person!

You'll see much more of AT&T's Lily in 2015

As one of the co-creators of Live Prude GirlsVayntrub was an early YouTube sensation, with each of her videos racking up hundreds of thousands of views. It wasn't because she didn't think an education was important.

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Luckily, the Vayntrubs made it to America and settled in California, which datings commercial actress like a wonderful step up to us. But how much do you actually know about the actress who plays Lily in those ubiquitous commercials?

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Eric Steelberg Line Producer: That's just the kind of moment Lily would absolutely love. Julie Collins Executive Producer: Doing comedy with the Upright Citizen's Brigade. In fact, she began acting in TV ads at the age of just five years old, starring in Barbie commercials to help her family make ends dating commercial actress. According to Hank Perlman of Hungry Man, the company that produces the commercials, Lily is "s a multi-dimensional character in a way that's rare for commercials," We try as hard as we can not only to make her funny but to make her as strong, smart, and human as possible.

The process was long and grueling, with the family stranded in both Austria and Italy for a while.

She's a political refugee

She does a lot with what we give her, making our jobs way easier. Vayntrub's experience and connections in the Los Angeles comedy scene have led to some brief but memorable roles in several recent high-profile projects.

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The Can't Do Nothing movement, which has spurred nearly a quarter of a million people worldwide to use social media to help crusade for the rights of refugees around the globe. Not only is she approachable and friendly, she has also shown a lot of wit and charm, and a little bit of sass.

Dave Rolfe Group Executive Producer: Vayntrub plays Sloane Sandburg, the playwright who also becomes the star of her own show—and then, briefly, Kevin's girlfriend.

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When the Lily construct became a campaign, we were thrilled to find that Milana has great humor and great range as an actress, which really helps to keep the campaign fresh. In the summer ofVayntrub landed one of the most sought-after roles in Hollywood: Before those shows and before she landed the role of Lily, she rose to prominence through a different channel—a YouTube channel to be precise.

Her real name is Milana Vayntrub

The year-old Upright Citizens Brigade veteran was originally cast for a single spot, "Supervisor," in late And she decided to quit acting, even though she loved it. She almost quit acting Getty Images.

Indeed, the scripts are just the starting point. Hank Perlman Director of Photography: Jenny Russo Novak Music Producer: When it initially aired, Vayntrub shared the sketch on her social media accounts and felt "flattered.

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The agency has used a few different directors, but for a while now it's been Hank Perlman of Hungry Man. So, the more of these we've done, the better we've gotten at recognizing the situations that best tee up Milana's strengths.

As a middle school-aged actress, Vayntrub landed a small but notable role on an episode of the Disney Channel comedy Lizzie McGuire. The channel is dormant now, but if you want a sneak peek at life before Lily, you can still watch Vayntrub's hit videos online.

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