Dating a man who has no job 15 Guys to Avoid Dating at All Costs

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If a person has no drive to do something with their life I instantly find them extremely unattractive. Or click here to learn the best methods for writing the perfect online dating profiles.

Would you feel comfortable having this guy raise your kids?

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I mean I was unemployed for 6 months and I know I wouldn't have had the emotional energy to be dating anyone. If he can afford to chill and play video games for a few datings a man who has no job, more power to him.

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But it appears Americans have been missing the real problem with people not having jobs: Would you expect your partner to stick by you and let you work through things, or leave because obviously you are a directionless leech? Forget bad teeth - unemployment is biggest turn-off for three-quarters of women', 'url': That might be when he launches his business or takes the next step.

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And he's got a good heart, if not a six-figure income and a doctorate? Hell, a Woman without a job is bad news too Because chances are, he ain't gonna change.

A man who does not care about moving into the glass-fronted office may have plans of writing a book, trekking through mountain trails in Bhutan or volunteering at a save-the-whales campaign.

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This thread is closed to new comments. There have been five girls that have hit on me, half my age and younger.

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Some say that the savings are substantial evidence that he's a responsible person and they may be, but there's not enough else going on here to make me feel reassured about what will happen when the savings ran out. I believe that your 20s are a time to find, build and establish a foundation for yourself. My young, very pretty roommate, full blown lesbian in her own wordswho is on here got me to signup.

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In my eyes both situations represent a lack of maturity, vision, and leads me to believe the person is over all irresponsible. That is ok though.

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I mean not being funny, I've worked my butt off for 2 years for next to no pay and all I have to show for it is a car I can't afford and hardly anything to show for it. I met this guy who I like to call Grown And Sexy.

About how you post it: And foremost among these is a capacity for offering emotional support.

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This is the rare area, compared to other topics we've done surveys on, where women's old-fashioned beliefs about sex roles seem to apply. Would you be ok if he never changed, never became ambitious, and continued to make excuses?

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I would not have been able to date at that time either but I had other issues going on so it's hard to say how I would have felt.