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Borgard's standardised ordnance

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This one is in excellent relic condition. Round shot has the disadvantage of not being tightly fitted into the bore to do so would cause jamming.

Wednesday 13th July Last updated: There is no dating cannon balls and it appears quite stable.

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Recent Records - [Cannon balls]. Awaiting validation A post-Medieval iron cannon ball c.

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Although various weights and size tables can be found for the Falcon, this ball at 2 pounds and around 2. Sounds like I've got more dating cannon balls to do. But since you've mentioned "homework to do," the instructions and photos will be helpful for you.

Hi, I have found a 32 lb cannon ball that has been submerged in water for many years. Discovered in Jonesboro G.

Round shot diameter vs mass

Monday 23rd January Last updated: The ball is a mid to dark brown in colour with the iron corrosion showing as red and orange, it has an uneven patina. He further limited the number of cannonball weights to a strict set of values:.

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This findspot is known as 'Bunbury', grid reference and parish protected. Although an inexact science, comparisons can be made with historic inventories of cannon shot, their dimensions and weights. The surface may have eroded and the original weight could have been four pounds.

Civil War Cannon Balls

It had a range approaching ft 2. The ball has a clear cast line around the circumference and a casting spru is evident at 90 degrees to the casting line.

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Awaiting validation A post-Medieval AD spherical cast iron cannon ball The surface is covered by iron oxide accretions and there are six small areas of corrosion, four on one side and two on the opposite side.