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During the siege of Kirkwall, Merrill expresses her concern for Hawke's safety if she is brought along on the battle against the Qunari. Otherwise, if you side with the Templars, she will leave the party.

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Merrill is pleased as she thought the Keeper would simply keep the tool. She plans to consult Audacity, who said to her years ago that he witnessed the creation of the mirror itself during the days of Arlathan.

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Three years have passed since Hawke joined the voyage to the Deep Roadsand Merrill seeks Hawke's help in facing Marethari to request a special dagger to help complete the Eluvian. As you may have noticed, responses in dragons age 2 dating merrill directly affect your relationships and events in Dragon Age 2. Alternatively, if at the end of the cut scene where you sleep with either Anders or Merrill, you choose the breaking heart option to indicate that it was merely a one-night stand, you may continue with other romances.

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After another three years since the invasion of the Qunari, Merrill finds an alternative to fixing the still-inactive Eluvian, regardless whether Hawke gave the Arulin'Holm to Merrill or not.

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Go and see Merrill at her home. While in the Fade, Nightmare will threaten Merrill in an attempt to make Hawke fearful.

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If otherwise, Merrill initially refuses to help a pro-Templar Hawke if she was not spoken to after an unpleasant encounter with her clan, and if Anders considers Hawke a full rival. Merrill is a temporary party member in the Dalish Elf Origin. When this quest opens up in your journal, go visit Merrill at her home.

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Arriving in Kirkwall surprises Merrill and she comments on how many people are located there. Unfortunately, during this quest an elf named Poi gets killed after running away from Merrill. Marethari tries to use this to coerce Merrill to abandon her research on the Eluvian, and return to the clan; Merrill adamantly refuses. Finally, speak to her afterwards in the Gallows to have the romance reach its conclusion. Click here to reveal them.