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Millennials rush to project and discuss our fears, anxieties, and realizations in often-public forums.

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Our volunteers, Robert Leshner and Rachel Balik, went on five dates in five nights. How did this company manage to convince so many hyperly self-aware somethings that their site was filled with social, smart, relatively good looking individuals…and that they should join and bring their friends along for the ride?

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Note that some of the first names have been changed to protect the grouper dating reviews of their dates — as you might expect, plenty of awkwardness ensued. While we chose not to respond at the time, I would now like to say one thing: Well, this is weird.

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Ahead, our true story of what happened when we tried it out. Over the course of a week, our undercover writers went on a date every single night.

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While I did not end up with a new romantic possibility, I definitely had fun, and maybe next time I'll meet the man of my dreams!

So, how does Instnt work?

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Try out one of these group dating apps and have double the fun! I think it all started when we were exchanging the basics, like what neighborhood we lived in.

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I brought up the fact that my area had a lot of 'banker bros. So, when one of them asked me to tell him an 'exciting story,' I decided to have some fun with it and concocted a story describing a short acting role I played as a child in which I was eaten by a Pterodactyl during a scene in Jurassic Park.

It was just that easy. One of my wingmen, who is also my roommate, suggests our house as a destination. This isn't to say that my friends rushed to join because "all the cool kids were doing it" and they possessed an intense fear of missing out, but that the site structured itself in a way that alleviated the normal anxieties a something might have about online dating.

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Careers consulting, accounting, and being a bottle service hostess. I connected, and it built my profile. I imagine the bond we formed from this fateful event is similar to the tacit ties the cast of Lost felt, were they and their unfortunate plot real.

Plenty of matches, plenty of weirdos.

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The three guys lacked a basic degree of maturity expected from an adult who has graduated from university I am not impressed by hearing a first call online dating boast about being stoned every day while working. As Cliq user CJ put it: And so, once you've been convinced to join Grouper, the first question brought up on the date is inevitably some variation of: For grouper dating reviews of the time, one guy converses with one girl.

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This included, but was not limited to, the ways in which Obama is destroying America and a lecture on the proper use of Ebonics. This ended with the group going around the table showing each other the Facebook profiles of everyone's first kiss.

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No Facebook info, no picture, no names. Naturally, I made her come with me and we surprised David at Jones Bar with a 2-for-1 deal.

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