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They end the date with a kiss. He and Daniel are very happy together. She is not happy with his recruiting skills.

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He tells her he really likes Daniel. They find great potentials, but Patti is not impressed with her assistant, Justin. In the back of his mind, he is always thinking that they have an ulterior motive.

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After her experience with Guinevere, Rosie has more confidence. They can only select one for their master date. Rosie is a late bloomer.

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However, Guin shows up in a dress and Rosie immediately thinks she may be a pre-madonna. Rosie meets Guin at a marina to go kayaking.

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For her master dateRosie selects Guinevere. Patti is looking for age appropriate women that will help Rosie ease back into the dating world. While kayaking, they talk and Rosie is impressed.

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A feisty woman that is established and knows what she wants out of life. Since she did not come out until she was in her mid-thirties, she is a is andrew christian dating daniel uncomfortable in the dating world. She has started dating a girl back on the East Coast.

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Patti calls Daniel to find out how the date went and he admits he and Andrew are going out the following weekend. Rosie feels the same way. Daniel volunteers to take part in show and he has a great time. During dinner they get to know each other more. There are a plethora of men for Patti to select for the Mixer. Rich and Kathy dating a frenchman long distance also there to help.

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Posted by Kat B at Her celebrity crush is Ashley Judd. They are both smiling from ear to ear. For his master dateAndrew selects Daniel.

During dinner, they have great conversation and Andrew thinks Daniel is hilarious.

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Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. The event turns out to be one an underwear fashion show.

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Each millionaire is surrounded by only 4 potential dates. He is hoping that the date will turn romantic. Andrew Christian has left his gay Hugh Hefner image behind.

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Patti calls Guin to find out how the date went. Andrew wants a man that is cultured, smart, happy, and has great legs. Luckily, the session goes much better for Andrew.