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What happened?

One man was disgusting with mannerisms and very inappropriate comments. We have no matches for you".

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Your use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of Use. Met Barb at the Calgary office on Macleod. Does all of this correspondence really warrant the right of this company to continue to receive money from me?

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This is not a matchmaking service, it's a money making scam, and nothing more. The CBC does not necessarily endorse any of the views posted. I have joined this company based on what they dubai online dating scams. The lifemates matchmaker didn't check the information this guy provided.

Private consultations, personal selections. I registered with Lifemates Canada in Calgary in and met with a Babs. I joined this extremely expensive Lifemates Website to find possible men looking for the dating service things in a dating relationship. They never got match.

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With this objective in mind, Lifemates Canada reviews the opinions expressed by its members regarding its service. The second was no different.

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I had a total of ten matches that could be used up in what was referred to as a lifetime contract. It was a lot of money but I hadn't expected it to be cheap. After Lifemates reviews the complaints, they contact the offended dating service and try to resolve the issue at hand. In December, my wallet was taken so I had to close off my credit cards.

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Then, we introduce you to people with similar lifestyles, attitudes, values and goals. Do not waste your time and money with this site called Lifemates.

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I joined Lifemates in Octoberso far till MarchI only got two referrals. I went through an extensive interview with Barb, including questions on my financials and then was scheduled to have my photograph taken. They first provide some dates but those didn't match my requirement at all.

My last so-called match was over 7 months ago.

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Just trying to contact them was a chore. I did request that my email address be changed to ensure I received them all at work and on my phone. Personal attention is the LifeMates difference.