Sims 3 online dating egypt Blocked IP Address

Sims 3 online dating egypt

Sim name knows about some sort of old book that may contain precious information that we sim 3 online dating egypt.

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I am actively on a challenge egypt and it requires that I take a picture of Sekhemet Hawas for an online dating profile. You've done a fine thing here and we couldn't have done it without you!

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I took a picture of Ancient Coins and did what yall said and it didn't register so I guess it's a glitch with pictures. It may well be that while you think you've got a specific sim in focus, the camera thinks you're taking a picture of something that is nearby, and that sim just happens to be in the shot. Let me just package this up in a standard MorcuCorp Bribe Box.

Having completed Preparing the Bribe opportunity. Please read the Forum Rules Photo opp problems Started by MendyLouDec 07 Until then, MorcuCorp has other tasks for you.

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I will figure this out quickly now that I know what I'm looking for. There is a hidden switch outside next to the house, which is used to unlock the passage to the tomb.

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Yes Dating emails know something is going on around here, don't take us locals for idiots! MorcuCorp believes Sim name may have information on these relics they are looking for.

It is not found in the default TSR theme. The Sim's relationship must be at least 15 before they accept the interaction.

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Please go check it out and bring back anything useful to Target Sim name. If you use the Change theme link at the bottom left corner of the page and select IP Board, the Search box will then appear at the top right of the page. Deliver the photo to Target Sim name. Call it a Target Sim name special.