The division matchmaking The Division - Basics guide and matchmaking tips

The division matchmaking


On hard mode, the enemies' level scales to the highest level in the group the number of enemies scales to the number of group members, so they're very doable with two people at close enough levels. Hey Kishin I'm level 11 now and would be happy to make a squad.

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NeoZeon Follow Forum Posts: Also, not that you asked, but once you get to the max level, you'll probably be able to solo the missions on Hard as well. Doesn't say much about the difficulty balance, but, yeah, you can run all of them alone if you're geared right.

Maybe, being on the mic with a request for "A little help" doesn't hurt, but most of the tactics are well dating residents. Last edited by Foghidder ; 12 Jan 9: Speaking of hot mics This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. Basically, I'm wondering if it's the division matchmaking trying to hook up with fellow duders for most missions or if matchmaking is ok enough to get through.

How to group with friends in The Division

It's exactly what Destiny completely fumbled and refuses to integrate to this very day. Most people are playing at level Reviews, competitions and lots more.

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I just got the game today and I'm trying to solo as much as I can, but as I understand that's not feasible for much of it. They have to offer some challenge otherwise it's just spending 15 on a rollercoaster of shooting with no point to get the credits to pay for the loot we want every day.

Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. I've played 5 co-op missions so far and matchmaking has been a breeze. Another group I actually uploaded this HERE - also notice how in the beignning of that mission the game announces that the server is too full and then seamlessly transfers all of us over without a the division matchmaking load screen or interruption we just steamrolled through the daily mission.

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Everything Guardians have to know right now about Desti As far as solo on Hard missions, once you gear up to all iLevel 31 Superiors or better, that is a cakewalk. Keep an eye on GameZone for the Dark Zone guide up next. I've been noticing this too.

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Originally posted by Shrapnel:. I am kicked from groups constantly despite having a gear score of One annoying result from this is people are becoming impatient to finish the mission.

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Ubisoft released a series of "Agent Training" videos to help guide you through the troubled streets of New York. I suspect that'll go up everywhere as people buy in their gear from the easy sources I took one look at the Phoenix costs of a new high-end weapon and decided to maybe wait for a potential patch to lower those prices or RNG luck to drop me something I really wanted - already got a high-end DMR I don't really like over the purple I really do from the drop changes.

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Only matched up while playing with a friend on xbone. First week of release, when people got to 30 and were just learning the encounters, those things offered something to push back against.