When can you start dating in high school story relationship levels

When can you start dating in high school story

During one of the levels, they'll unlock the "Isle of Love" in which you can have your characters date.

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Working on this new book has been a fangirl's dream come true. What usually happens to the unpopular kids after high school? With the original High School Story and Hollywood U, one of our guiding principles has always been to create stories with heart and a positive message. I think we've delivered that with HSS.

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While this story mainly focuses on a new cast of characters, you'll definitely see some familiar faces! I remember downloading it the first day it came out on the App Store after I heard about it from the old Surviving High School and Cause of Death days.

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The biggest challenge of writing HSS for Choices was to make a world that both rewarded returning fans and welcomed new ones. I'm hoping that we've carried that spirit over into HSS within Choices. Where you a loner in high school?

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In the original game, you were a student at the school, but you were also the founder, and a huge aspect of gameplay was building the school from the ground up and recruiting new students.

This time, you're a new student trying to find their place in a world that already exists. I can't take High school anymore if I were to drop out would jobs could I get to obtain at least 50k a year? I think it's level 4, but I can't exactly remember.

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In that sense, the game has much more in common with The Freshman than it does with the original HSS. Like, are we gonna see Nishan?

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Teenage girls are not only expected to be pretty, smart, popular, and successful, they're also expected to make it look easy. At this point, it's practically an Inside Choices tradition to ask, but You'll get a chance to cheer up your friends and be the person to rally everyone together.

With Book 1 out in the wild, what are you working on now?

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