When does elena start dating damon What season did delena start dating in the vampire diaries?

When does elena start dating damon, get updated

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There is this point where they are together but many people consider it "fake" because of the reason Elena loved him, but then you find out it wasn't fake, and Elena really did have feelings for him.

Elena tries to escape with super speed, but is blocked by Stefan. He shark tank guy dating her that "when he drag s his brother from the edge to deliver him back to herhe wants her to remember the things she felt while he was gone. Elena and Damon seemed to bond more and more, and Elena was shocked when her mother, Isobel Flemming told her that Damon was in love with when does elena start dating damon.

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Damon shows that he has nurtured a long-standing desire to reunite with Katherine throughout the first season. She takes his hand and places it on her heart. Elena asks him if he knows the reason as to why they broke up. Damon doesn't and states: She eludes to the fact that it wouldn't change anything, but she has to take it a bit further.

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Damon leaves by saying see you in class while Elena is left completely shaken. But I have to do the right thing by you.

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He compelled Matt to forget about Elena going overboard and told Elena he was going to teach her the right way to be a vampire. Then he starts asking her how long until she goes running back to Luke, telling her she's going to feel a lifetime of agony and grief.

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When she phoned Damon and Silas made sure Damon told her about how he'd maybe kinda sorta snapped Stefan's neck a couple of times, Elena was furious.

She does, and begins to suffer from hallucinations at the end of the episode. After that it turns out Elena is sired with Damon, first they think it is the reason why Elena loves Damon, but in episode " We'll Always Have Bourbon Street " they found out that it only affects how you act, not how you feel.

In Heart of DarknessElena and Damon go on a road trip to Denver to see Jeremy and to get his help to contact Rose 's ghost to discover who she was sired by. After learning of Katherine's deceit, Damon starts to fall for, Elena.

When a human loves a vampire, and is turned by that vampire's blood, they experience the sire bond, and do their best to please their sire. However, when the resurrection spell starts, Damon is unable to come back from the Other Side. After Elena and Stefan go hunting on animals the next morning and Elena has her first feed on a deer she pukes the blood out.

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Damon returns to the wedding to find Bonnie badly injured on the floor and Kai's reminder that letting Bonnie die will allow Elena to regain consciousness. Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore. She tells him she remembers everything, including the fact that she met him first. She and Stefan take a hike to the Falls, where she says she never wants to become a vampire.

Stefan opened the curtains and she suffered the punishment.

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Damon and Elena had to go on a trip to Free dating us sites University with Alaric to find Isobel's research on Mystic Falls to see if she had found anything on werewolves. Rebekah is shot at through the Window and Damon escapes. He waits for her to say something, but she sees Enzo there with the antidotes. Stefan and Damon move the coffin holding Elena to a crypt and have Bonnie seal the door magically to keep away those seeking the Cure.

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Elena is sure Jeremy's not a cheater. Damon and Elena's sweet goodbye. He also states that he doesn't deserve her, but that his brother does. Later at the crypt, Elena chugs another potion of her herbs and when Damon shows up she tells him he's not even real, just her subconscious tricking when does elena start dating damon.

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It was all a part of his revenge plan that Enzo told him to focus on back in the 50s. Simple and gentle, they clearly felt the kiss, but she was very confused about the intense push to leave him still.

He admits that he had his emotions off and Lexi had come to help him on Stefan's behalf, however he tricks her into believing he fell in love with her only to leave her trapped on the roof during the day as revenge.